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Fruits de Vine Jams and Jellies

We are a family owned home-based jam company founded in 2003. It is located in Central New York State outside of the rural town of Munnsville.

Our home is nestled among the trees on a hillside in upstate New York.Local orders can be picked up on site to save on shipping charges. 


Our product is naturally free of wheat, milk, corn, and soy. Many of our fruits and vegetables are locally grown and hand-picked, but as we’ve grown we’ve had to depend more on commercially packed frozen fruit.

Some of our popular flavors!

Samplers are fun for gift sets or tastes tests

No sugar added

The jams and jellies are made fresh in our kitchen and boiled in small batches. This process makes it cook faster which saves more of the fruit flavor to enjoy. No artificial colors or flavors are used and the sweetener is pure cane sugar.

“No Sugar Added” jam is sweetened with white grape concentrate. We do not use artificial sweeteners. It is an all fruit product. We have good feedback from our customers who need to avoid extra refined white sugar.

Fruits of the Spirit


Our kitchen was recently expanded and certified to make it more efficient for increased production. Let the boiling roll!




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